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12 Jun

The world faces a plight of entire people groups meeting their death sooner than necessary because of a lack of food. My manager wanted to share in their pain and sorrow. He put up a sign at work that said that “we will starve to make your experience pleasant.” And he signed his name.

Thankfully he didn’t sign mine as well.

This post is not about the the actual tragedy of starvation. Rather, it is about the atrocity of misspellings.

My manager was not offering to abstain from delectable foods. He meant to say “we will strive to make your experience pleasant.” Big difference. I didn’t need any such sign because my customers already know that I work exceptionally hard to make sure their order is not only made correctly, but also served with an extra dose of happy. I strive, exempting myself from any ludicrous offer of starvation.

An article about Dunkin’ Donuts caught my eye this morning. Ok so it wasn’t exactly all about DD; it simply mentioned the name in its title. Still. It prompted me to share my own story about Dunkin’ Donuts misspellings, so you should at least read the article out of gratitude that you got a blog post out of it. My favorite part is this:

USA Today columnist Craig Wilson probably says it best about the grammar police: “Intoxicated by their discovery,” he wrote, “they then dash off scathing notes telling us what fools we be.”

Wilson says he’s happy there are still people who care enough about the English language to create a fuss. “God bless all two of them,” Wilson wisecracked.

The reasons I like that part are twofold. First, he said “scathing,” which is quite possibly my newest favorite word. Secondly and lastly, he says that there are two of us who fuss because we care, which means that I’m not the only one! Now if only I could find that second person…..


Drawing a blank

1 Sep

It’s been a while since I stared at an empty new post for my blog. In fact, WordPress didn’t even recognize me as Amanda, and they made me try to remember my password and sign in all over again. I typed enough words just trying to think of the right username/password combination that I’m almost out of words for this blog post. Seriously, I pity any person who ever tries to hack into my WordPress account. Not like anyone would. Or could. I almost couldn’t. And I’m me!

Anyways. Last I wrote, I had just finished my summer class. Now I just started my fall classes. Yay. (Yay? I didn’t think I was excited, but sometimes my subliminal thoughts do amaze me.) Well the only one that started already is Cultural Geography. I’m still not exactly sure what all it will entail, but so far it’s riveting. Since my work environment is so incredibly diverse in ethnicities (Indian, Pakistani, African American, Egyptian, Hispanic, to name a mere handful. Oh, and I’m the only white one, btw), I wanted to take this class so I can better understand them. Plus I think it will help me in understanding different mission fields and appreciating the struggles that the missionaries go through in those cultures.

I also have four classes that I will be taking at the art school in Allentown again. I hate the city bus. I just thought I’d say that. It is probably the worst part of college.



As I attend the classes and work on various projects, I’ll try to post about what I’m up to. But no promises. So I’ll tell you now – my four classes are 3D Design/Sculpture (Tues morning), Photography I (Tues afternoon), Fashion Draping (Wed afternoon), and Pattermaking II (Sat afternoon – I hate Saturday classes too). So if you don’t hear from me until I feel compelled to blog about my finals, at least you know what I’m being kept busy with.

Sarah leaves for college in Wisconsin tomorrow. There are the pros and cons. I’m focusing on the pros. Like I get her car (and have to start paying for gas and insurance). Like I get to wear whatever clothes she didn’t bring (provided they fit, look fine on me, and I don’t get them irreparably dirty). I get to use her desk and espresso machine (as long as I remember how to use it…hmmm). I’ll be able to email her once she gets her college email (but I won’t be able to text, call, google chat, sit cross-legged on her bed and talk to her, etc).

So I made her some pillows. Well, pillow covers for pre-made pillow forms. But pillows nonetheless. See?

pillowsYou can’t exactly particularly see perfectly well, but on the underside of the square pillow on the left is some cute striped fabric. I forgot to take a picture of the other side of the pillow.

In other news, when I spell-checked this blog post, the only misspellings I had were WordPress, username,Β blog, hmmm, google,Β yay, Patternmaking, and btw. These are common words and should be added to the dictionary. WordPress needs to recognize when I spell its name correctly. Yay, I’m so glad I’m not the person running spell-check on the page where WordPress asks a person to put in their WordPress username in order to view their blog. I see conundrums and heads pounded on walls in their near future.Β Btw.