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Party in a Balloon

15 Dec

Until the moment you read this blog post, you may be one of the many human persons under the faulty, narrow-minded perception that good parties have balloons at them. That is true, but only partially. Equally, and perhaps even more true, good balloons have parties in them!

I hereby expound.

Way back on a sunny summery day of June, my friend got hitched. Way back even further, on a sunny but somewhat chilly St. Patrick’s Day, my friend had her engagement party. I looooove shopping for creative gifts! But I couldn’t think of a big enough gift that said WOW-YOU’RE-GETTING-MARRIED!!!

In such cases, one must go back to the basics of gift giving: “What does this person like?” In this particular case, one of the many answers I came up with was “balloons.” Ah yes, this friend of mine loves balloons! She even incorporated them very tastefully as the backdrop for their marriage altar! That started my mental wheels a-turnin’. This is what I came up with:

balloon gift


I took all the little mismatched gifts I’d been finding hither and yon for her, added confetti, stuffed them into balloons, then blew a bunch of hot air into the balloons! I tied them all together and attached a wide ribbon for carrying ease. If I had thought ahead a little more, I would have filled them with helium instead of my very own carbon dioxide, but hey, it was pretty cool as it was.

Gifts that could be put inside: gift cards (I tried…success after a few irreparably-stretched balloons), chapstick/lipstick/lip gloss, confetti, nail polish, very small (ahem) garments, more confetti, jewelry of the non-poky variety, individually wrapped chocolates/candies, Starbucks VIA coffee packets (or any drink that comes in those just-add-to-16.9oz-of-water packets), travel-sized lotions or hand sanitizers, more and more confetti, ETC.

There is really no foreseeable end to this list. Most of the things I listed above were for a girl. Guys can get…..um, Hot Wheels cars, army men, candy, bowtie, Swiss army knife, etc. Men are so hard to buy for…..

Oh, and then I attached a card that had cute straight pins on it, for popping purposes! No need to sharpen your claws to pop the balloons!

straight pins


Your recipient need not be a balloon enthusiast. They need only have a will to find the party in the balloons at the party.

Aaaaand in conclusion, I make absolutely no promises for another post before Christmas. Only a vague assurance that I have other great gift-giving ideas that I might share with you in the future. *wink*


Memoriable Days

8 Jun

See what I did there? Took 3 syllables away from “Memorable Memorial Day,” added a few more days, and felt pretty clever doing it!

Such memories all started off with coupons a-blazin’ on the Friday before Memorial Day when I got the chance to hit up JoAnns and all their fabulous fabric sales. 50% off clearance fabric?! Can’t beat that with a Twizzler!

Moving right along, Saturday was positively insane at work, and most of the insanity is already blocked from my mind. Just random flashbacks of . . . a table disappearing from the pool area? Not being able to check anyone in due to a credit card malfunction on a nationwide thingy? Not getting through to tech support for over three hours? Some other fuzzy memory of an hour on hold for some other techy issue? What kind of insanity is this? Oh yeah, the insanity that isn’t successfully blocked yet.

The true fun continued on Sunday with special services to honor our veterans, a church picnic, over four hours of volleyball, and a cookout with friends. Oooooh, I want to say that one part again. I played volleyball for over four hours. Yes, I did! I truly lost track of time, and ran out of water twice. I not only learned how to play speed volleyball, but also fell in love with it. And I only regret two things about Sunday: being so out of shape and realizing too late in the game that the sun was shining.

Such regrets made the Monday version of me look like a limping sprout of cauliflower that had dived face first into tomato soup. And my joints spent the day pretending they had aged 400 years in the 4 hours of volleyball. Nonetheless, Sarah and I went to Kohls to get our free $5-worth of stuff each before rendezvousing with the brothers at Lake Nockamixon. Ben has his own kayak, but the other three of us rented kayaks for 2 hours. Thus I continued to proverbially dive into tomato soup with my cauliflower limbs.

(See? Cauliflower skin, dipped in ‘mater sauce.)

Afterwards I crashed at the grandparents and even managed to slip in a lil nappy time in their spare bedroom. Memoriable days, to be sure.

Back with a capital B

10 Mar

February is over. It happened so fast. On February 27th, I was packing a suitcase, making a list of things not to forget (which I ironically lost), and sewing a skirt. On February 28th, I was on a 7:25am plane to Wisconsin, then I was in Wisconsin, then I was taking a very necessary nap. Suddenly, on a day which should have been February 29th, March sprang upon me with its cold Wisconsin winds and an inaudible lion-like growl.

It is still March, though I am no longer in Wisconsin. I am Back with a capital B.

Since coming Back, I’ve accomplished quite a bit –

— I’ve Blown my nose so much that I’ve depleted a tissue box of its innards.

— I’m feeling Better now. I think I owe some of it to Airborne.

— I Bought 18.5 yards of fabric (at least) yesterday, so I can fill the orders I took while I was in Wisconsin.

— I Began the super-exciting process of making patterns for all the orders I took.

— I Befriended a few new guests at the hotel during the three days I’ve worked since my return.

— I Broke the “Control” key on my laptop . . . again.

— I Blogged with a capital B. Maybe later I’ll update this blog on the trip itself.

whilom days

20 Dec

So much has changed this past week. Sincere insanity has descended, transpired, and ascended from my post in this household in just over a week’s time.

Slightly over a week ago was Sunday, December 12th. I awoke on a somewhat rainy morning and schlepped over to church. I had no car. I had taken no finals, nor studied for any. I had a rather dear friend whom I thought I’d have forever. I hadn’t even met a certain person who I am now friends with. Most of my Christmas gifts were in the mail or still unordered. I felt as though my life was, for lack of a better word, depressing. I wasn’t depressed, goodness no!! But I felt like I was spinning my wheels, being dragged downward, and just plain schlepping through life (betcha couldn’t tell I like that word!).

A whirlwind touched down on that very Sunday afternoon.

I went to look at a car that I ended up buying the next day. It is a wonderful, yellow car that will be getting its very own post someday. In Sunday School, I sat by a somewhat new girl and really hit it off with her. Who knew there was another Christian girl my age with such a passion for sewing AND coffee?! Over the course of a few days, aforementioned “rather dear friend” and I hashed out some issues, and I felt the need to sever the ties between us that were apparently based on lies. But there is peace in making a wise decision, despite the pain in the severance. By Friday, every last final was completed, including a drawing that I hope to frame sometime. I just need to do some more touch-ups to make it perfect. Furthermore, these were my finalest finals. I graduated yesterday, Sunday the 19th, with my Associate’s Degree in Fashion Design, which is super exciting! As of today, I’m only waiting for one last gift to arrive in the mail, and all that have arrived are wrapped and under the tree.

Today I feel and AM so different than a week ago. I’m still somewhat in shock of everything that has happened. Do I long for those whilom days of yesterweek? No. Because I am certain that all these changes are for the better, and I can only thank and praise God for those workings in my life. His thoughts are truly far above my thoughts, and His ways are most definitely far, far superior to my ways.

I admit…

13 Oct

…I’m a bit infatuated. Over the past months and years, I’ve heard people talk about Etsy. I finally got around to looking at the Etsy site about 3 months ago. I know, I’m a bit slow. And now I can’t stop looking at it. The night I finally checked it out, I seriously spent about 4 hours perusing. It made my creative side go absolutely crazy! I am signed up for their daily “Etsy Finds” email. Every day. New amazing creativity. I’m hooked.

Hast thou a hankering for unique clothing designs? (Yes, I do.) Look no further! Etsy holds hundreds,  if not thousands, of unique handmade garments by artists around the world! Here are some  of my favorites for today. They inspire me so. If I had the money, I’d probably buy them all in every color. Maybe. But since I have expertise instead of money, I’ll probably just end up making similar patterns and maybe one day making the actual wearable garment.

Hast thou a yen for personalized jewelry? (Yes, I do.) Look no further! Etsy has it all! From jewelry sellers who can personalize jewelry for you, to jewelry supplies sellers who can sell you stuff so you can personalize it yourself. I had jewelry-making tools from a 3D design class I took a few semesters ago, so it’s only natural for me to want to get more use out of them than just a good grade in my past. Here are things that currently captivate my fancy.

Hast thou favorite things that thou thinkest art favorite to thee alone? (Yes, I do.) You are not alone! It is practically guaranteed that *someone* is selling something on Etsy that resonates with that exact favoritism! It’s truly a beautiful network of eccentric artists who create wondrous things that are for sale to the common people. No one can be artsy in every area of creativity, so Etsy will connect you with people who are artsy in ways you never could be. I want these.

Hast thou a hunger for tasty and yet artistic delicacies? (Yes, I do.) Look no further! Artists on Etsy do not limit themselves to crafts that will last a lifetime! Buy cupcakes! Buy chocolates! Buy supplies to make your own! And then share with me. Especially if you buy any of these.

The best part about Etsy (in my opinion) is that almost everyone selling stuff on there made it themselves. They care about their product. They can and will create something to meet your creative needs. This is unlike eBay or Amazon, where people are trying to “get rid of” things that they no longer want or need.

Etsy is a never-ending art fair full of succulent goodies. Grab some cotton candy and peruse its venues.

(Start with my favorite shops: Brookish, dazeychic, and LoveToLoveYou.)

To whomever may be concerned with any copyright issues with my posting of these photographs. Yes, you people do exist. I post these pictures, NOT for my own profit, but so that those viewing this blog will be tempted to buy the items, resulting in profit for the person to whom the picture belongs. This is free advertising. And I could not be more tickled to be able to promote these wondrous products.

Speaking of koalas…

2 Oct

…I have another totally random list of things pertaining to my life at this time.

– It’s so cold around here that I went out and bought several new secondhand long-sleeved shirts….only to come home and remember that I had a box full of them from last winter. I shall be well-clad this winter. If my memory lasts that long.

– Being a fan of Bath and Body Works on facebook pays off. I’ve gotten two free lotions so far. I am a lotion lover, I must admit. Current favorite (as of August) is B&BW’s Summer Vanilla Lemon. Second best ever! So far.

– Best ever lotion was B&BW’s True Blue Moroccan Sweet Fig and Argan Oil lotion. Sadly, I didn’t discover it till it was on clearance. Happily, it was on 75%-off clearance, so I bought four bottles for the original price of one.

– My sister almost burnt down the state of Wisconsin while making popcorn. Hilarious. And exaggerated. I think there was just smoke.

– My best friend is coming back to PA for a few weeks in a few weeks. We’ve got plans for while she’s back. Mostly movies and talking and coffee and laughing and packing and figuring out how she can be here AND in South Africa at the same time.

– Dunkin Donuts has sold bagel twists for several months. Now we also sell dipping sauces with the twists. My favorite dippers for the sauces are untwisted bagels though! Crunchy-toasted poppyseed bagel for the honey mustard sauce. Everything bagel for the ranch sauce. Wheat bagel (and most others actually) for the marinara sauce. Insane amount of carbs, I’m sure.

– I smashed two of my fingers between a 30-lb. box of coffee beans and a metal counter. Probably wouldn’t have been so painful if I hadn’t slammed the box down with energetic fury.

– The word of today is mussitate. From the same root word as mutter. It’s speaking without vocal chords. Mouthing words. It’s what makes “elephant juice” sound like “I love you.”

– Pizza World is gone. And I want to go to the new Mexican restaurant that took its place.

Happy October 2nd! This is what guarantees that my best friend and I talk at least once a month: to wish each other a happy second! It’s usually a contest that she always wins because she lives 6 time zones ahead of me in South Africa. But while she was in the states this past year, there were a few times that I actually wished it upon her first. So have a happy second!

Elephant juice, blog readers! May the liquid content of large mammals be good to you!


4 Jun

Not a single solitary day has gone by without at least one *something* to raise my spirits. Small or big, they matter. And they likely made me smile, chortle, or just grin evilly. And I can’t believe that “evilly” is spelled correctly.

Sarah came home yesterday and will be here for just a little less than 60 hours. Wow, that seems short now that I counted it.

– A package arrived in my name. Despite the fact that it was a gift I had ordered for someone else, getting packages is f-u-n!

– I had the pleasure of wrapping two gifts, all girlie and enshrouded with curling ribbon.

Volleyball has been played twice and I got sunburnt.

– I get to play volleyball again tomorrow if it doesn’t rain. *fingers crossed*

– My big little brother graduates tomorrow, hence the volleyball.

– I killed a fly on my first try at work.

– I bought some new bright red toenail polish.

– Salvation Army’s “family day” on Wednesday let me buy 10 shirts and 2 skirts, all for the low, low price of $11.88. Total.

– I ate some fabulous chocolate chip cheesecake today.

– Sarah and I stayed up kinda late last night, laughing kinda hard at Cake Wrecks.

Even on the very best day of your life, something will inevitably go wrong. And even at the very lowest point of your life when you feel like crawling behind the couch and sniffling, good things are truly happening all around you. The point of definition is your focus. If you want to be grouchy, there’s plenty to grouch about. Otherwise, smile. Focus on the happy.

Perhaps the best is yet to come, but until it does….keep your chin up.