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lovely driving

26 Feb

Who needs a destination when the adventure is driving?! I have a new (to me) car. Tis a lovely yellow and black Mitsubishi Eclipse.

It’s bright. It’s noisy. It’s speedy.

I know that driving is not a race, and there are no prizes for the winner. But I just like to prove to the guys in the jacked-up jeep that my yellow car and I are better. Because we are.

I like to drive on curvy back roads just when autumn is beginning to put Penn’s woods into a trance of yellow and orange.

I like to drive down the left-most lane of the highway with the windows all the way down, the music all the way up, sunglasses on, and flip flops off.

I like to drive in the snow and feel my tires slip just enough to freak me out, but not so much that my life is jeopardized.

I even like to sit in traffic because I’m sitting in MY car, a delightfully yellow car that I absolutely love….even when it gets stuck in snow.


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haiku of morning

2 Feb

When dawn touches down,

waking souls are far too blithe.

The night owl is irked.

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3 Aug

Sneezing sounds superintend space.

Since Sigfried sneezed,
Salmonella spread.

Samson sneezed secondarily,
So sea sickness spread.

Seymour sniffled, started sneezing.

Someone’s sister shouted,
Stop sneezing!”

Seymour stopped semi-sniffle.

Samson stopped sneezing;
Sea sickness stopped spreading.

Sigfried stopped sneezing;
Salmonella stopped spreading.

Such silence sans sneezing!
Such sublime, supremely satisfying silence!
Such silence should stay!
Said silent spell superimposed sneezing’s spacial supremacy.

Suddenly someone sneezed.
Spell shattered.


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Why Sleep?!

29 Jul

I am unabashedly a night owl.

Nighttime is MY time! I have hours of time during which all my distractions (aka family members) are sound asleep. I can sew. I can blog. I can make patterns. I can clear the whole dining room table and use it as my work table without anyone complaining that they wanted to eat lunch at the table. I can create walking hazards which will bring necessary bolts of fabric nearer to my workspace without the inevitable daytime passerby tripping.

Around 10pm, the activity at this household slows down until only the rhythmic breathing of sleeping persons is left. About that time, I begin staking my claims on various rooms, taking over the house as I see fit.

I could totally relate to the museum characters in Night at the Museum. I too come alive at night!

I do try to get to bed by about 2am or 3am, usually successfully. But depending on my load of homework and the amount of procrastination I have done, I might not sleep at all and will still be awake to greet my family at the way-too-early rising hour of 5am.

What keeps me up at night? The possibility to accomplish!

Why sleep when there’s so much to be done and the night is young?

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Tennessee and technologies

21 Jul

Tonight is the last night of my week-long stay in Tennessee. Additionally, I have also struck rock-bottom on the box of tropical Mike and Ikes. But please note that I DO have internet.

Could I live without it for a month?


At my own humble abode in Pennsylvania, our internet has been finicky, occasionally obnoxious. But it exists.

Furthermore. Could I live without cell phone reception for a month?

Probably, as long as I had internet. This week has been one of sparse cell reception. I have T-Mobile which I highly UNrecommend to any inquiring parties. Here in Tennessee in order to get reception, I have to drive miles and miles away from where my dear friends live and where I am staying.

But at least I have internet at the house. Reception in town, internet at the house.

The current question I keep asking myself is how long can I live without my iPod? Today it died. It said I have nothing on it, while I know for a fact that I had thousands of songs, and dozens of movies. Was it open to reason?


Therefore I struggle on. With internet at the house. With reception in town. With no iPod.

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Advice for today about my tomorrow

13 Jul

“Find God’s will for your life and do it.”

I heard it from preachers, parents, teachers at my Christian school, older friends, and even a dear teacher at my secular art school.

As I near the end of my college days, I once again ask, “What is God’s will for my life?” It has been two years since I graduated from high school. Mere weeks before I graduated, God made it clear to me that LCCC’s fashion design program was the next step for me.

This December I plan to graduate from LCCC with my associate’s degree in fashion. And then what? The next step in God’s plan for my life. Which is what? I wish I knew. I wish I could answer the question of what I’m doing after graduation. But since I can’t, I am “stuck” with waiting for God to reveal the next step to me. Ah, but which is more tragic? Being blindfolded in the arms of God or having clear sight to see the multitude of trials that inevitably will waylay me?

I will choose to wait on God.

Even though the thought of where I’ll be next year puts me into a pondering quandary, I’ll just wait.


11 Jul

Plinky. Plinkying. Plinkied. Have Plinkied.

I don’t know why I feel the need to conjugate a word that is a noun. Not only a noun, but also an ox-goad of sorts. That is not to say that I am an ox. Nor does that imply that Plinky is the long stick with a sharpened end that is the definition of goad. It is simply to say that I blog infrequently and that such infrequency grieves me at my core. (Apple core, ok? My apple core is crying with great drops of apple juice.)

So I have set myself up with Plinky. I probably will not be necessarily posting every day, though prompts are issued every day. I might even have the audacity to dig in the Plinky archives to find topics about which I can write. Or I might read a prompt and promptly go off on a tangent. For example, the prompt could have to do with the sine of 1/2 and I could be off on the tangent of 3/5. Wow, that was randomly chosen out of my own personal broad expanse of topics to discuss.

You’ll be able to identify my Plinky posts because I will tag them with “Plinky.” K? The beauty of Plinky is that I can answer prompts with a full-length novel answer or a two-sentence answer. You can likely guess what I’ll tend towards.

Today’s prompt was about an awkward moment at school, written in third-person. This will be one of those days when I will not necessarily be posting. Even though this counts as a post.

Okay, you know at the beginning of Pixar films, the little light thing goes bouncing along and then squashes the “i” and then looks sheepishly out of the screen at you? I always crack up at that. Well, the Plinky logo reminds me of the Pixar light thing. Just another reason to Plinky!