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25 Apr

That’s what I wanted to do the man who got mad at me tonight because we had a scant donut supply and I was not capable of snapping my fingers and creating some. However, I do hereby pat myself on my back for refraining. *pat, pat* And a note to you obese donutaholics: if we don’t have as many donuts as you were planning on purchasing, take it as a sign that you should diet. I have said my piece, and shall move on to more pressing matters. 

My finals. Finally over! For this semester at least. I have a bit of a break since I will only be taking one summer class, but I’m sure it won’t feel like much of a break since I tend to overload my plate regardless of……and that train of thought is gone too. Back to my finals.

Painting final: (much awaited, I know. I’d apologize for the abrupt and harsh ending to the last post, but I ain’t sorry. Deal with it, hon.)

painting-finalYay!!! And besides the obvious focus of the picture being the painting, you can exercise your powers of observation and behold the Dove. Ahhh, lovely!

Drawing final:

04-21-09_1548The general idea bottled up behind this final was employing all the skills we learned and developed over the semester and drawing a still life in just under four hours. Which is precisely what I did. Now I had done two practices for this final. The charcoal quickie and the pen and ink longie … but you can’t exactly study or practice for something like this. Ya just gotta have it in you. When I saw the still life set up that the prof had, I wasn’t quite as smitten as I was with the others. I didn’t feel drawn to any one part of the still life. Placed very obscurely under an end table was a pair of dress shoes. So I heaved a big sigh and started in. I used my good ole dependable graphites and my newly-discovered sweetheart – General’s Factis soft black eraser. Almost as amazing as a bodkin. Almost. Bodkins are totally amazinger though because a bodkin can also be a weapon. I would love to have a weaponous bodkin just in case anyone flips out at me over my lack of donutage, I could do something slightly more effective than the whole :-P routine. But I’m over that now, Mr. Fat Man Who Cursed At Me Because I Couldn’t Pull A Donut Out Of My Magic Sleeve. Totally over it. 

Clothing Construction final (aka sewing, for those you still unaccustomed to my usage of big weirds, aka words):

p4232473Okay well that is totally awkward, having a big honkin’ picture of myself having a bad hair day pasted rather largely for all to see. Look at the jacket. Jacket, peoples! Lining is awesomer, and I will make a valiant attempt to have a photo session tomorrow when I wear the jacket to church in order to capture the full awesomeness of the lining. Do you see the lil screaming monkey on my shirt? Ain’t he precious?! He’s a clue to the design on my lining. If I haven’t already told you what my lining is out of pure excitement or if you can’t figure it out (and don’t you dare say “I don’t have a clue what your lining is.” he’s screaming at you! lol), then wait till I can get a picture of it. Patience is a virtue. Be vituous.

I made the skirt too, but that took far less time and stress. Actually it’s the same pattern as the skirt I designed for my patternmaking class. I bought the shoes and tee shirt last year. The tree has been there as long as I can remember. The necklace was a birthday gift. And I think I have given account for all involved objects. If you have any questions, please keep them to yourself. I may do one of these > :-P < or I might come after you with my bodkin. If you have any happy words to share, please do. I need happy words and perky smiles and the rest of my Dove chocolate.


For whom the duck quacks…

23 Apr

Behold the duck,

It does not cluck.

A cluck it lacks;

It quacks!


And speaking of lacking, I do sincerely apologize for my lack of promptness in showing y’all pictures of my painting final. I shall endeavor to make up for my lack of amazingness with a superfluity of pictures. Be happy. Come to your happy place, encourages Sir Nesquik el Bunnio. Here it is:


This is a picture of my “studio” as per Jesse’s request. Note the laptop displaying Facebook, the 2-liter of Mountain Dew, the small light blue makeup bag to the left of it, and the dark pink hairbrush half covered by the makeup bag. All my necessities were taken care of. 

Oh yeah and I had paints too…


 <<< This is what a full pallete looks like.












 <<<This is what it looks like when I have my complimentary colors set up – red is complimented by green, yellow by purple and blue by orange. It does take talent to be able to mix colors properly. I will not show you my attempts at color mixing at my first painting class. haha! Oh, and to get purple, I mixed blue and magenta, not red.  It truly works better. :-) It becomes more Welch’s grape juice color and less eggplant color. Mmm, delectable!




As you can see in the first picture (the lovely studio one) the sky part of the painting was done at the time my photography skills were employed. What may not have been recognizable is that I used metallic paint for parts of it (oh so cool!!). So I tried to capture the essence of my metallic champagne and metallic almond paints (WARNING: These paints are not for human consumption. Feed them to your goldfish so that their metallic qualities may be enhanced in non-steroid ways. These methods may accelerate the goldfish’s death, but hey, who cared about the squirmy life from aquatica anyways?) in these two pictures. Don’t get too dizzy looking back and forth. Sloooowly does it.











 << or not? 










Okay, so the focus was the dog, not the sky. But the sky was tons easier and funner and stresslesser, and that word is officially coined, you are the first to know. What dog, you ask? My uncle’s dog, Becky. I had a few reference photos, which greatly helped. However, I will not even mention the time I was so frustrated with the dog part of the painting that when Ben got up at 5am he found me *almost* dissolving in tears to the point that it touched a soft part in his heart that made him bestow upon me a Dove chocolate bar. But I will not even mention that time, because I said I wouldn’t. So here are two photos showing some of the progress I was making on Becky. 


 << Here I did a roughish outline of where the dog would be, and I painted it out with white. That way, the dog would “pop” out of the ground when I added the color.









  << See how it pops?! I thought this looked totally cool how the face was almost done, but not quite. Don’t feel compelled to share my feelings of cool. I’m just awesome is all.










And of course, you didn’t read a work I said. You just skipped to the end to see the finished product. So maybe I’ll be horrible and make you come back tomorrow to see the finished product. That would be horrible. But I rather like it. I could post the pictures of all three of my art finals in one single, solitary post. And your curiosity would make you come back and see it or kill you in the attempt. I like it. I really do!

Behold……the duck clucketh not. A cluck it lacketh. Quack it doth. Enjoy your Friday. Come back tomorrow. Or I shall come to your funeral in a few days, should your curiosity get out of hand.

Loosey Goosey Landscape

15 Apr

For my not-so-dear painting class, our assignment was to paint a landscape from one of many preapproved reference photos. And I had to break out of my box of perfectionism and exactness and detail and the like. I had to work in an outré “loosey goosey” style, which frustrated me near to my final unraveling. And the product….which I named “Solitude.”


Then there’s a bunch of stuff from my drawing class that I have been delinquent in posting. So I shall post the host of them as thumbnails so they don’t hog your screen. If you feel so inclined, you can view them large-size by clicking on them. Do not attempt to view them large-size in any other way. Those attempts will be futile. 

draped-fabric     charcoal-still-life    stacked-cups

pen-still-life     hand-sketches

So there you have about three weeks worth of sweat and frustration. And another long night of essaying and the like stretches out before me, and yet my deepest regret is my lackage of funny things to say that could tickle the proverbial armpit of my readers (if such a proverb exists. If not, write one). So sorry. So long!

Four you

28 Feb

I have four. For you. Here they are.


This lovely painting I call “Life.” My painting teacher calls it a modulation painting with a floating object that looks surreal. Call it what you wish. 


Contrary to all appearances, this is a monochromatic painting. Monochromatic meaning one color. However, I extend to you my personal invitation to click on the above picture and examine more closely the different colors blended together to create the black background you see, as well as the gray table and the white objects (tho the white objects did not turn out well in the picture). Which just goes to prove that things are not always as they appear. Black can be red or blue or green or brown while still being black. And if you don’t believe me, you obviously haven’t looked closely enough at my painting.


If I ever go into graphic design and put together a portfolio, this will probably be in it. According to my drawing professor, “This is a piece to put in your portfolio!” Hence my initial statement. The medium used for this drawing is pastel. Kindly note that this too is an example of monochromatic art. I think the purpose of this was to demonstrate how to blend values (lights into darks) but I was more focused on how messy my hands were getting. I don’t think pastels will ever be my medium of choice.


This is probably my favorite of all the art projects listed here. I did this pen drawing from thumbnail sketch to final pen stroke in about an hour and a half. Compare that to the weeks (or was it months?) that it took me to stipple (draw with dots) a white rose for competition last year. The method I used this time was called cross-hatching, which can be as detailed as stippling, but I chose a looser and more flowing application. Cross-hatching (according to me) is creating depth and shadow by drawing lines and lines that curve and bend and cross until the object seems so lifelike it almost “hatches” right off the page. Like imagine a chick (a cartoon chick, okay?!) inside its egg. In my mind I see the egg wobbling and bouncing a little until suddenly. . . pop! the chick hatches out! That’s what I felt like these lines were doing. I kept layering them on top of each other until suddenly I stepped away from my drawing, and pop! it had depth!


That’s always fun. :-)

While shepherds washed their socks…

7 Dec

…they pointed a staff at my head and told me to paint them. Ok, so maybe it wasn’t the shepherd’s fault that I had to paint socks. But I wanted to blame someone. So I did.

Last Wednesday…no, actually it was two Wednesdays ago, I had to turn in a completed painting of a picture that included all the colors in the color wheel. I had fleeting thoughts of hot air balloons, but decided on painting socks on a clothesline. You can see my first attempt at painting Martin here. He’s a cutie pie.

Then there was Cleopatra. She’s the purple sock, third in from the left. She was quite talkative, and very selective in the shades of purple I tried to mix for her. I don’t know how many attempts I made while she kept telling me I had too much red or not enough white or it just didn’t please her. But at least she was friendly, which lightened the mood on that otherwise-tense evening.

The other socks were not much for having conversation. I literally could not squeeze a name out of them. So whether they like it or not, they will still get their portrait posted here, but they will remain nameless.

High and Dry

Well, only one more painting to do for this class. I am modelling it after van Gogh’s Starry Night except I’m calling it Sunny Day. Afterwards I can retire my paints and brushes and call it a successful venture….then I think I hafta take Painting I in the fall semester.

I’ll be patient.

I don’t mind postponing headaches.


12 Nov

Just cuz I like the word.

Today in my 2-D Design class, my prof told me that I have a very distinct voice, that I speak my words clearly, and do I sing? I mean, like how arbitrary is that?

Also in class, I had my first experience working with acrylic paints. I don’t see myself doing this very much once I finish the class. I find it incredibly frustrating how big the paintbrush is (no matter the size I’m using, it’s not as small as a sharpened pencil), how the bristles bend and contort themselves under my hand, and how the bristles spatter paint in the most unsightly of places.

The mostest frustrating part was doing color value bars, showing the gradiations from red to green, from blue to orange, and from purple to yellow. Everything looked so muddled and messy that it wasn’t worth photographing. BUT I did manage to paint a sock afterwards. Martin the sock, to be exact. Here he is:


The whole reference photo I will be using is of six colorful socks hung on a clothesline (to be named as I see fit). The idea is to include all of the colors I used in the color value bars which frustrated me beyond reason. This is the first time I’ve used acrylic paints before, hence the streaks and smears and smudges that would not be there if an expert had been painting a sock. Which leads me to wonder….if someone was an expert, why stoop to paint a sock? I am obviously not an expert.