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20 Oct

Remember when our basement “went under” with Hurricane Irene? Still hard to believe how much drowned in those six inches of water. Well, since then, every aspect of my life has been undergoing change of some sort.

I moved into Sarah’s bedroom after the flood, and almost two months later, I’m still there. It’s terribly convenient. Terribly. I can sew and sleep within the same four walls. But for a moment, please imagine the chaos that would/did exist in those same four walls when they hold the contents of two rooms – my bedroom and my sewing room. Yup, chaos. Introduce plastic bins from Walmart. Add random cleaning spurts. Sprinkle generously with coffee breaks. And the result (so far) is visibility of carpet. In fact, enough carpet can be seen that I’m considering vacuuming just because I can. By tomorrow, I’m hoping for moderate-to-complete organization of fabric. It’s a long shot, but that’s why the coffee pot is on. Oh and I got a new floor lamp for the sewing corner too. Sorta pretty much really excited about that.

The room in the basement where I used to sleep (and one day will sleep in again) has not gone forgotten. I have big plans for that room! Some changes have occurred, some are still ongoing. Already done: new “genteel lavender” paint job with “polar bear” trim, tile floors instead of carpet, white sheer curtains instead of closet doors, new black dresser, new black bookshelf, new dark wood night stand, new set of drawers at the end of my bed, ALL-plastic waterproof storage, big framed horse print for my horse-crazy lil sis, new black and white lamp. To be done: new curtains for my window, new wall art to cover the electrical box that my bedroom has been blessed with, photos and drawings and other forms of art to frame and hang, new rugs to make out of super-awesome fabric, new slippers so I can actually walk on the tile floors.

I do not currently have pictures of any of these works in progress. I don’t even think I have “before” pictures. But sometime I hope to get some “after” pictures posted here. A reminder from readers would not be deemed unnecessary…jus’ sayin’.

Even at work at the hotel, things are changing! Busy summer season with a bunch of families and unruly children running the hotel halls is OVER! It’s “just” a bunch of business people, construction people, “lifers” (aka long-term guests), other miscellaneous people…. generally people who know the hotel biz and don’t ask a million questions or demand extra pillows or complain about credit card authorizations. It’s nice, I will admit. In fact, this month marks a year that I’ve been working at the hotel! Very exciting! I still love working there! I can’t remember a single day I’ve dreaded going to work there!

Everyone at some point will undergo changes in their life. Adapt. Don’t go under and drown. Even if it is only six inches of water.


Add water. And sugar.

30 Aug

Life gave me several lemons lately. Irene gave us water. God provided the sugary-sweet blessings! Here’s a recap of the resulting lemonade. May it be the only batch we make!

Lemons: Lost power on Sunday; basement flooded on Sunday; many personal possessions were destroyed beyond salvage-ability by the water; all 6 of us Angers are living in a one-floor/five-room arrangement; this night owl has to share her night perch with 5 sleeping/sleep-talking/snoring morning people.

Water: Hurricane Irene filled our finished basement (aka all of our bedrooms) with 6″+ of water. Do I really need to expound on that more?

Sugar: We got to spend lots of family time together! In fact, I think my best memory of Sarah Jeanie’s week-long visit from Wisconsin was the laughter-filled breakfast we had as a family on Sunday morning while water poured into our basement. God used neighbors and people from church to provide us with generators, shop vacs, storage bins, trailer for storage, man-power for removing furniture and carpet, and girl-power for helping me clean my room (which I’ve been putting off since “spring cleaning”). The electric power returned on Sunday afternoon instead of Thursday like many people are being told to wait for. The hot water heater was fixed on Monday morning, and hot showers have ensued since!

Every time I try to complain about the “flood” that we experienced on Sunday, I end up listing things I am thankful for instead. It truly could have been so much worse, but it wasn’t. Thank God for His care for us and for good friends who gave up their Sundays to help us!!

A Tale of Windows and Speedometers

19 May

Have I ever formally introduced you to my car? No?! I apologize. Gender and name are still yet to be determined, but hey, don’t most parents have 9 months to decide on the name? Last Friday (the infamous 13th) marked my car’s 5-month anniversary with me. No, we didn’t go out for celebratory ice cream then, but we did have a little fun on Saturday! That story to follow…

First, a grand introduction! My sunshine/bumblebee car is a speedy lil 5-speed 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse with a custom paint job, cold air intake system (that’s what he said!), a trunk that only stays open when it wants to, and a rather loud exhaust system. Tis grand indeed!


I recently had to take my car in for a mechanic to “check clunk in rear.” Said clunk had begun clunking rather suddenly, which caused me due concern. Turned out to be a broken rear strut mount….whatever that is. It is now fixed, that’s what it is.

I also had the brilliant idea to have him check on my passenger-side window. It was spastic. Obstinate. Moody. Sometimes it would go down, sometimes it wouldn’t, and of course it was all the absolutely gorgeous days when that window would decide to stay up!

I was undeniably frustrated since the guy I bought the car from had specifically told me that he had fixed the passenger-side window. “Very fixed, hmph. Won’t even go down!” thought I.

“Window lock was on…” said the invoice from the mechanic who was kind enough not to charge me for “fixing” the window. Hey now, in my defense, all the other cars I’ve driven have window cranks, which can only be locked by maiming, paralyzing, handcuffing, dismembering, or otherwise impairing the hands that would crank the window. How was I to know my new car had a window lock?!

On to Saturday’s fun! I’ll give you a hint: it goes “WEEEEooo WEEEEEooooo!”

Time: an hour(ish) before my 3-11pm shift ended at the hotel.

Setting: torrential downpour.

(time lapse)

Time: 11:10pm(ish)

Setting: slow black sports car in right lane, followed by equally slow black Charger, being passed by a yellow and black car, in still-rainy conditions.

Introduction of characters:

–Unidentified Driving Individual – slowpoke in black sports car, undoubtedly updating his facebook status to reflect the following sentiment: “Just got passed by some woman in a yellow car, then passed her sitting on the side of the road…must’ve been one expensive ticket, the way she was flying!” (likely minus the correct spelling and grammar)

–Officer M – follower of said black sports car, driver of aforementioned black Charger

–Amanda – driver of speedy yellow and black car, recipient of the following warning: “Don’t drive so fast when the roads are wet.”

Conclusion: No ticket. Reduction of speed (for now). Knowledge of what a vehicle registration card looks like.


10 Feb

My new phone is destined to come in the mail soon. According to an email from the seller, it will arrive tomorrow. But I am a girl of wild hopes and little faith, so I am disappointed that it didn’t come today yet I doubt it will come tomorrow. That’s not my point.

My point is that my phone is white and plum. So far my favorite phone was the lime green phone which I lost in the grass on a rainy day and thenceforth suffered with its water-damaged state. Please remind me not to gallivant in pastures of water-logged plums, and my new phone should be spared any undue damage.

Purple gummy bears are difficult to find. So difficult, in fact, that I have yet to find any. Really, Brachs? Can you be serious, Haribo Gold Bears? What makes you think that the general public would be anything less than totally enthralled by the presence of grape gummies in their bags of bears?

I bruised my pinky-finger knuckle over a week ago from scraping ice off my car. It still hurts. And I mention this now because it was at one time in my recent past, quite purple.

As you may NOT have guessed by now, my favorite color is blue. But my winter closet appears to have been hit with a blizzard of purple blouses. I counted seven. I need to shovel some of them out.

There’s a girl with a blog who sends a lot of readers over here from her sidebar link (for which I thank you, Nina). This same girl gave me lilac sweater socks for Christmas (for which I also thank you). I have long been an ardent fan of fuzzy socks; that love is not one to be hidden. But now I have discovered a love for sweater socks, lilac or non.

May your socks be fuzzy or sweaty. May your phone stay out of watery places. May your bags of gummies be infused with purple bears.

haiku of morning

2 Feb

When dawn touches down,

waking souls are far too blithe.

The night owl is irked.

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So uh….what’s new?

1 Jan

I got asked this question today. It’s so difficult to answer. Um. What’s new…. My car? My job? My socks? My unfortunate zit? Ooooh I know! The YEAR! That will be my response from now until the year gets old. Which is usually when I finally remember to write 2011 instead of like, ya know, 2008. (I seriously had a moment today when I thought the year was 2008. I quickly snapped out of it.)

I celebrate every new DAY, so celebrating a new YEAR wasn’t such a big deal. It’s all the same. Stay up late, eat jelly beans, do something fun, do something productive, greet new day/year, do more fun and productive things, curl up in a blanket, eat more jelly beans, brush teeth, zonk out. *yippee*

This year for New Year’s Eve I worked on a puzzle with my two sisters. The excitement was when I found a stinkbug on my jelly beans.

Last year I watched a movie with my sister, my bestie, and her sister. The excitement was when we actually got sleep.

The year before last year, I watched several movies with a couple friends until we finally zonked out at 7am. The excitement was that not exactly everyone zonked out, and the only wakeful friend started a facebook account for me.

The year before the year before last year, my family tried staying awake, but they all pretty much dozed off at some point. The excitement was painting my brother’s toenails bright red.

Like ten years ago, I was in the Czech Republic with my family to celebrate Christmas and New Years with some friends. The excitement was drinking sparkling apple juice (Robby Bubble, to be exact).

The year before like ten years ago, was the infamous Y2K, for which we went to my mom’s parents. The excitement was sitting on the couch, doing word search puzzles, eating peanut butter swirl ice cream, waiting for the world to end.

I can’t wait for next year, 2012, when the world is supposedly going to end. I cannot wait to prove those silly Mayans wrong. The soonest that the world could possibly end would be 2018, after the 7 years of tribulation.

But I’m no prophetess.

I have no resolutions to get anything done or to make myself better. However, I’d better start now.

whilom days

20 Dec

So much has changed this past week. Sincere insanity has descended, transpired, and ascended from my post in this household in just over a week’s time.

Slightly over a week ago was Sunday, December 12th. I awoke on a somewhat rainy morning and schlepped over to church. I had no car. I had taken no finals, nor studied for any. I had a rather dear friend whom I thought I’d have forever. I hadn’t even met a certain person who I am now friends with. Most of my Christmas gifts were in the mail or still unordered. I felt as though my life was, for lack of a better word, depressing. I wasn’t depressed, goodness no!! But I felt like I was spinning my wheels, being dragged downward, and just plain schlepping through life (betcha couldn’t tell I like that word!).

A whirlwind touched down on that very Sunday afternoon.

I went to look at a car that I ended up buying the next day. It is a wonderful, yellow car that will be getting its very own post someday. In Sunday School, I sat by a somewhat new girl and really hit it off with her. Who knew there was another Christian girl my age with such a passion for sewing AND coffee?! Over the course of a few days, aforementioned “rather dear friend” and I hashed out some issues, and I felt the need to sever the ties between us that were apparently based on lies. But there is peace in making a wise decision, despite the pain in the severance. By Friday, every last final was completed, including a drawing that I hope to frame sometime. I just need to do some more touch-ups to make it perfect. Furthermore, these were my finalest finals. I graduated yesterday, Sunday the 19th, with my Associate’s Degree in Fashion Design, which is super exciting! As of today, I’m only waiting for one last gift to arrive in the mail, and all that have arrived are wrapped and under the tree.

Today I feel and AM so different than a week ago. I’m still somewhat in shock of everything that has happened. Do I long for those whilom days of yesterweek? No. Because I am certain that all these changes are for the better, and I can only thank and praise God for those workings in my life. His thoughts are truly far above my thoughts, and His ways are most definitely far, far superior to my ways.