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Why Sleep?!

29 Jul

I am unabashedly a night owl.

Nighttime is MY time! I have hours of time during which all my distractions (aka family members) are sound asleep. I can sew. I can blog. I can make patterns. I can clear the whole dining room table and use it as my work table without anyone complaining that they wanted to eat lunch at the table. I can create walking hazards which will bring necessary bolts of fabric nearer to my workspace without the inevitable daytime passerby tripping.

Around 10pm, the activity at this household slows down until only the rhythmic breathing of sleeping persons is left. About that time, I begin staking my claims on various rooms, taking over the house as I see fit.

I could totally relate to the museum characters in Night at the Museum. I too come alive at night!

I do try to get to bed by about 2am or 3am, usually successfully. But depending on my load of homework and the amount of procrastination I have done, I might not sleep at all and will still be awake to greet my family at the way-too-early rising hour of 5am.

What keeps me up at night? The possibility to accomplish!

Why sleep when there’s so much to be done and the night is young?

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wow and mmm!

25 Oct

The wow is in reference to my last post. Wow. I did not mean to confuse my dear readers. Apparently the elephant in the foreground of my picture totally blinded y’all to the stack of cardboard in the back. My apologies. Actually I’ll blame this one on the elephant and its obesity. Tsk, tsk, how dare he cover up my nicely-stacked stack of cardboard?!!

*pause as you all scroll down and look at my last post….see there IS cardboard in the back, behind the small carved wooden elephant. Amanda’s right again. Fancy that.*sarcasm dripping* *

I have a few progress pictures that I took while working on the elephant, which I shall post perhaps later. I have not yet painted him pink or purple……tho I do still plan to. I finished the elephant himdearself, but I left him in the classroom. Like who really wants an elephant in their house to begin with?! I regret to inform you that I did not photograph the finished product. That shall be done this coming Tuesday. No word yet on when I’ll post them though. Possibly before Hanukkah. Uh huh.

As far as mmm! I would like to introduce you all to a most luscious recipe for Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos. My first thought was one of strawberry jelly, grape jelly, and various and sundry other jellies and how horrible that would taste in coffee. However, a careful perusal of the recipe revealed a quite different story. (Yes, folks, if you click on “the recipe” in the previous sentence, you will see….the recipe.) The jelly part is actually coffee jello, which you make.

This is what mine looked like once I cubed it:

coffee jelloHowever, if I had carefully read the recipe, I would have known to cube them quite smaller. Like 1/4″ sized, instead of 1/2″ to 1″. They were big. If you decide to make this, cube them small. Trust me. (According to my brother, even the big ones can go up a standard size straw though. But I’m dubious of that.) Lesson learned: the best things come in small cubes.

Another piece of advice I have for you is to use a ginormous blender for the coffee (non-jello) part of the frappuccino. Or you could do what I wish I had done, and just blend half of the coffee and half of the milk and half of the ice (and half of the flavor syrup, if thou so desirest) together at one time. As stated, I did not blend mine this way, and the coffee foam leakage which ensued made me regret that choice. Here I was thinking that 3 1/2 cups of liquid plus about 10-12 ice cubes would fit nicely in a 5 (or was it 6?) cup blender. HA! <—–aka “obviously not.” Lesson learned: bigger really is better.

The recipe says at the end, and I quote, “…top with whipped cream.” Guys, that really isn’t necessary. Below you will find a picture I took of the blender after I poured out like half its contents into me and my brother’s respective glasses.

no extra whip, plzSee that thick white layer on top? Well it’s whipped topping. Not whipped cream per se because I added milk, not cream, to the coffee. But it’s whipped and on the top, so there. In the pictures I took of the finished coffee jelly frappuccinos, you’ll see the ultra-thick layer of whipped topping. Seriously, like 2/3 of the cup. (Hint: the coffee jello floats to the top of the coffee liquid, but sits beneath the whipped topping. Ah, now the picture is becoming clearer.) Come to think of it, it’s really like coffee-flavored whipped topping. So why ruin the experience with store-bought, loaded-with-preservatives whipped cream? I don’t know why. Lesson learned: When in doubt, spray-paint the elephant purple. It will be able to hide better amongst the pansies.

coffee jelly frappuccino

coffee jelly frappuccino2

And I just love this close up of the coffee jello at the bottom of the glass. Ahhhh, how the mouth salivates!

cubes of deliciousness

like…..finding an elephant in a cardboard stack

17 Oct

That was my assignment for 3D Design class. Except this finding was not happenstance. No, I had to create the elephant. Out of cardboard. With a utility knife. This is what I started with:


So much potential, I know. It’s an elephant in the rough…the very, very rough. So far, I have the head and body pretty much done, just need to work on the legs tonight and Sunday night. If all goes according to plan, you will be able to see the finished product sometime after Tuesday. If all does not go according to plan, I shall cry bitter tears and pierce the elephant’s cold, hard heart with the now-dull tip of my utility knife. Or maybe I’ll just spray-paint it pink. Or purple. Purple is a nice color.

Amazingly boring

29 Jun

There are two prevailing opinions on the quality of my final exam essay for my history class. One, that it is boring, and two, that it is inspring. No one seems to be on my side of the debate, simply because only two people including myself have read it. So read on, and discover the depths of boredom!

If you find it long, it was supposed to be.

If you find it historically inaccurate, it wasn’t supposed to be.

If you find it boring, I told you so.

If you find it inspiring, please come back to reality. We miss you here.

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Monkey See…

4 May

…but only when I unbutton my jacket. Otherwise it’s kinda dark in there. Here is a picture of the lining of my jacket.


Adorable, I know. Lil monkey faces adorning my lining, peeking out at unsuspecting passers-by. I can still be a bit of a tyro when it comes to picking out the correct fabric for a project. I tend to see just its degree of prettiness or cuteness and not so much how the actual hand of the fabric (stiffness, propensity to wrinkle, etc) will fit the project. So I chose this monkey fabric to be the lining simply because it was a 9.7 on the scale of cuteness. I did not even consider how difficult it would be to stick my sleeved arm down a jacket sleeve lined with woven cotton fabric. It’s quite difficult, I assure you. However, my awesome clothing construction teacher informed me of its ineffectiveness in a way that didn’t make me feel like an idiot. Though I am. So I got a different fabric for the sleeve part. It’s just an off-white sheer fabric which is totally boring, and thankfully, hidden in the sleeves. All that to prove my point that I am a tyro. And even that, only to use that word. I’m a lost cause!

Oh, I just thought I’d share a recent infatuation of mine:


Coffee-filled square mugs are absolutely awesome! As is chocolate toffee brownie biscotti. Just don’t overconfidently take a highly-energizing gulp from the wide side of the mug. I honestly didn’t make that mistake. I sip my coffee, so it lasts forever. I am only speculating what might possibly happen to you greedy gulpers. Beware! And go get yourself a square mug. And be happy. And don’t take my biscotti.


25 Apr

That’s what I wanted to do the man who got mad at me tonight because we had a scant donut supply and I was not capable of snapping my fingers and creating some. However, I do hereby pat myself on my back for refraining. *pat, pat* And a note to you obese donutaholics: if we don’t have as many donuts as you were planning on purchasing, take it as a sign that you should diet. I have said my piece, and shall move on to more pressing matters. 

My finals. Finally over! For this semester at least. I have a bit of a break since I will only be taking one summer class, but I’m sure it won’t feel like much of a break since I tend to overload my plate regardless of……and that train of thought is gone too. Back to my finals.

Painting final: (much awaited, I know. I’d apologize for the abrupt and harsh ending to the last post, but I ain’t sorry. Deal with it, hon.)

painting-finalYay!!! And besides the obvious focus of the picture being the painting, you can exercise your powers of observation and behold the Dove. Ahhh, lovely!

Drawing final:

04-21-09_1548The general idea bottled up behind this final was employing all the skills we learned and developed over the semester and drawing a still life in just under four hours. Which is precisely what I did. Now I had done two practices for this final. The charcoal quickie and the pen and ink longie … but you can’t exactly study or practice for something like this. Ya just gotta have it in you. When I saw the still life set up that the prof had, I wasn’t quite as smitten as I was with the others. I didn’t feel drawn to any one part of the still life. Placed very obscurely under an end table was a pair of dress shoes. So I heaved a big sigh and started in. I used my good ole dependable graphites and my newly-discovered sweetheart – General’s Factis soft black eraser. Almost as amazing as a bodkin. Almost. Bodkins are totally amazinger though because a bodkin can also be a weapon. I would love to have a weaponous bodkin just in case anyone flips out at me over my lack of donutage, I could do something slightly more effective than the whole :-P routine. But I’m over that now, Mr. Fat Man Who Cursed At Me Because I Couldn’t Pull A Donut Out Of My Magic Sleeve. Totally over it. 

Clothing Construction final (aka sewing, for those you still unaccustomed to my usage of big weirds, aka words):

p4232473Okay well that is totally awkward, having a big honkin’ picture of myself having a bad hair day pasted rather largely for all to see. Look at the jacket. Jacket, peoples! Lining is awesomer, and I will make a valiant attempt to have a photo session tomorrow when I wear the jacket to church in order to capture the full awesomeness of the lining. Do you see the lil screaming monkey on my shirt? Ain’t he precious?! He’s a clue to the design on my lining. If I haven’t already told you what my lining is out of pure excitement or if you can’t figure it out (and don’t you dare say “I don’t have a clue what your lining is.” he’s screaming at you! lol), then wait till I can get a picture of it. Patience is a virtue. Be vituous.

I made the skirt too, but that took far less time and stress. Actually it’s the same pattern as the skirt I designed for my patternmaking class. I bought the shoes and tee shirt last year. The tree has been there as long as I can remember. The necklace was a birthday gift. And I think I have given account for all involved objects. If you have any questions, please keep them to yourself. I may do one of these > :-P < or I might come after you with my bodkin. If you have any happy words to share, please do. I need happy words and perky smiles and the rest of my Dove chocolate.

For whom the duck quacks…

23 Apr

Behold the duck,

It does not cluck.

A cluck it lacks;

It quacks!


And speaking of lacking, I do sincerely apologize for my lack of promptness in showing y’all pictures of my painting final. I shall endeavor to make up for my lack of amazingness with a superfluity of pictures. Be happy. Come to your happy place, encourages Sir Nesquik el Bunnio. Here it is:


This is a picture of my “studio” as per Jesse’s request. Note the laptop displaying Facebook, the 2-liter of Mountain Dew, the small light blue makeup bag to the left of it, and the dark pink hairbrush half covered by the makeup bag. All my necessities were taken care of. 

Oh yeah and I had paints too…


 <<< This is what a full pallete looks like.












 <<<This is what it looks like when I have my complimentary colors set up – red is complimented by green, yellow by purple and blue by orange. It does take talent to be able to mix colors properly. I will not show you my attempts at color mixing at my first painting class. haha! Oh, and to get purple, I mixed blue and magenta, not red.  It truly works better. :-) It becomes more Welch’s grape juice color and less eggplant color. Mmm, delectable!




As you can see in the first picture (the lovely studio one) the sky part of the painting was done at the time my photography skills were employed. What may not have been recognizable is that I used metallic paint for parts of it (oh so cool!!). So I tried to capture the essence of my metallic champagne and metallic almond paints (WARNING: These paints are not for human consumption. Feed them to your goldfish so that their metallic qualities may be enhanced in non-steroid ways. These methods may accelerate the goldfish’s death, but hey, who cared about the squirmy life from aquatica anyways?) in these two pictures. Don’t get too dizzy looking back and forth. Sloooowly does it.











 << or not? 










Okay, so the focus was the dog, not the sky. But the sky was tons easier and funner and stresslesser, and that word is officially coined, you are the first to know. What dog, you ask? My uncle’s dog, Becky. I had a few reference photos, which greatly helped. However, I will not even mention the time I was so frustrated with the dog part of the painting that when Ben got up at 5am he found me *almost* dissolving in tears to the point that it touched a soft part in his heart that made him bestow upon me a Dove chocolate bar. But I will not even mention that time, because I said I wouldn’t. So here are two photos showing some of the progress I was making on Becky. 


 << Here I did a roughish outline of where the dog would be, and I painted it out with white. That way, the dog would “pop” out of the ground when I added the color.









  << See how it pops?! I thought this looked totally cool how the face was almost done, but not quite. Don’t feel compelled to share my feelings of cool. I’m just awesome is all.










And of course, you didn’t read a work I said. You just skipped to the end to see the finished product. So maybe I’ll be horrible and make you come back tomorrow to see the finished product. That would be horrible. But I rather like it. I could post the pictures of all three of my art finals in one single, solitary post. And your curiosity would make you come back and see it or kill you in the attempt. I like it. I really do!

Behold……the duck clucketh not. A cluck it lacketh. Quack it doth. Enjoy your Friday. Come back tomorrow. Or I shall come to your funeral in a few days, should your curiosity get out of hand.