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things I’ll miss

5 Nov

Last night was my last-ever night to work at Dunkin’ Donuts. Despite all the things I’m happy to leave behind, there are actually quite a few things I’ll miss.

– free coffee for personal consumption

– artistically swirling whipped cream and drizzling caramel atop iced lattes

– being the first to find out about and try new flavors of coffee, new kinds of donuts, new sandwiches

– constant humor from coworkers who have yet to master English

(Look at the top of this picture. There is tape. This promotional poster was taped to the glass front door. That’s not a problem, right? Oh, but wait! What are those words all over the poster? “Remove to expose adhesive.” True story.)

– the regular customers whose drinks I make when I see their car pulling in

– the customers I’ve never seen before, to whom I can introduce all the positive things about our most expensive drinks (a good salesperson am I!)

– my coworker, Shoe, and the spicy Indian chip/bread called “papadi” that she makes for me

– getting tips just for having fun and joking around with customers

– coworkers who appreciate me enough to spell my name correctly on a balloon hanging from the ceiling



25 Apr

That’s what I wanted to do the man who got mad at me tonight because we had a scant donut supply and I was not capable of snapping my fingers and creating some. However, I do hereby pat myself on my back for refraining. *pat, pat* And a note to you obese donutaholics: if we don’t have as many donuts as you were planning on purchasing, take it as a sign that you should diet. I have said my piece, and shall move on to more pressing matters. 

My finals. Finally over! For this semester at least. I have a bit of a break since I will only be taking one summer class, but I’m sure it won’t feel like much of a break since I tend to overload my plate regardless of……and that train of thought is gone too. Back to my finals.

Painting final: (much awaited, I know. I’d apologize for the abrupt and harsh ending to the last post, but I ain’t sorry. Deal with it, hon.)

painting-finalYay!!! And besides the obvious focus of the picture being the painting, you can exercise your powers of observation and behold the Dove. Ahhh, lovely!

Drawing final:

04-21-09_1548The general idea bottled up behind this final was employing all the skills we learned and developed over the semester and drawing a still life in just under four hours. Which is precisely what I did. Now I had done two practices for this final. The charcoal quickie and the pen and ink longie … but you can’t exactly study or practice for something like this. Ya just gotta have it in you. When I saw the still life set up that the prof had, I wasn’t quite as smitten as I was with the others. I didn’t feel drawn to any one part of the still life. Placed very obscurely under an end table was a pair of dress shoes. So I heaved a big sigh and started in. I used my good ole dependable graphites and my newly-discovered sweetheart – General’s Factis soft black eraser. Almost as amazing as a bodkin. Almost. Bodkins are totally amazinger though because a bodkin can also be a weapon. I would love to have a weaponous bodkin just in case anyone flips out at me over my lack of donutage, I could do something slightly more effective than the whole :-P routine. But I’m over that now, Mr. Fat Man Who Cursed At Me Because I Couldn’t Pull A Donut Out Of My Magic Sleeve. Totally over it. 

Clothing Construction final (aka sewing, for those you still unaccustomed to my usage of big weirds, aka words):

p4232473Okay well that is totally awkward, having a big honkin’ picture of myself having a bad hair day pasted rather largely for all to see. Look at the jacket. Jacket, peoples! Lining is awesomer, and I will make a valiant attempt to have a photo session tomorrow when I wear the jacket to church in order to capture the full awesomeness of the lining. Do you see the lil screaming monkey on my shirt? Ain’t he precious?! He’s a clue to the design on my lining. If I haven’t already told you what my lining is out of pure excitement or if you can’t figure it out (and don’t you dare say “I don’t have a clue what your lining is.” he’s screaming at you! lol), then wait till I can get a picture of it. Patience is a virtue. Be vituous.

I made the skirt too, but that took far less time and stress. Actually it’s the same pattern as the skirt I designed for my patternmaking class. I bought the shoes and tee shirt last year. The tree has been there as long as I can remember. The necklace was a birthday gift. And I think I have given account for all involved objects. If you have any questions, please keep them to yourself. I may do one of these > :-P < or I might come after you with my bodkin. If you have any happy words to share, please do. I need happy words and perky smiles and the rest of my Dove chocolate.

Mandy the Muffin

18 Nov

I have been to the other side. And I have come back to share with you a photo souvenir…..from the muffin’s point of view.

You see, last night my manager asked me and the girl I was working with to please move the donut racks away from the wall and clean behind them. Mine was the enviable job of squeezing behind the racks to scrub away at the buildup of hardened donut glaze at the back of the case. I also swept up those fallen donuts which the broom could not reach from the front. A marble frosted, a glazed, a powdered munchkin and two chocolate munchkins were momentarily rescued…just before I sent them to their ultimate doom – el trashcano.

While using up lots of elbow grease on the stubborn stickinesses, I happened to glance up. At that moment I was behind the muffin case. And in that moment, I discovered what it is like to be a muffin. Enclosed between the two black walls of the racks, surrounded by stainless steel rods, trapped between the donut rack and the retail fridge, with only one place to look….at the flow of customers behind the counter. I felt a little like Corduroy must have felt while he was waiting for his girl, Lisa. Doesn’t anyone want a stuffed bear? Or perhaps a muffin, anyone?

It didn’t help matters much that the other girl was having trouble with the brakes on the wheels of the other display rack, so I was, for a muffin-like moment, truly trapped there. What a photo op!

Mandy Muffin

Obviously, however, I was set free. But I do recommend that as soon as you possibly can, you set off to your local DD to rescue a muffin of your choice. It would really make their day!

Believe me. I know. I’ve been there. And I suggest a chocolate chip muffin, warmed and buttered and loved.