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*cricket, cricket*

19 Sep

Such a noise usually indicates an awkward silence. But imagine how awkward the silence would be if the silence was totally silent? That is to say, without the cricket at all. That happened to me the other night. I was almost cricket-less.

I sleep in the basement, in the corner of my room, in the corner of the basement. At the head of my bed is the utility box (or whatever it’s really called) that houses the switches to power everything in the house. Such a placement has led to a few humorous or awkward occasions during which I wished I had cleaned my room BEFORE the repairman came. But that conjures up different stories than the one I’m telling.

This is about a cricket. Actually two crickets. Somehow, every summer, crickets find their way into the portion of the wall that houses the utility box. And there they live and chirp all night long. I’ll remind you…..this is at the head of my bed. Mere inches from where my eyes should be closing in blissful sleep.

On August 4th (I looked it up), I sent out a late-night twitter, “There is a very vocal cricket chirping in the wall, mere inches from my head. Maybe i should teach him a lullaby so i can get some sleep.”

We tried killing them with ant spray, then again with wasp spray. Still. Every night, long after the lights were out, when I crawled into bed, they would begin their duet.

First there was a long, almost-shaky chirp from a cricket with a deep “voice.” It honestly sounded like it was dying. *cri-i-i-iiii-i-ck-k-k-et*

Then a second, more confident one. *cri-i-i-i-cket*

And before too long there was a second cricket chiming in. The second one was higher pitched than the first, possibly a younger cricket.

It used to annoy me to no forseen end. Then suddenly one night, I didn’t hear the crickets. I laid in the enveloping silence, straining to hear even one chirp. The silence was almost unnerving. I tried laying on my back. Then on my side facing the wall. Then I flipped my pillow to the cool side. Then I lay perfectly still. Just when I thought I was going to explode from the deafening silence…..



And the duet began once again.

Every night since then, I have looked forward to my nightly serenade. The older cricket is Gerald and the younger is Jehu. But about two nights ago, I stopped hearing the crickets altogether. I know this happens at the end of every summer. But this time it’s extra-sad. Probably because I named them.



2 Sep


Teddy bear…

Carefully-selected stack of bedtime stories…

Comfortable recliner…




Because Sarah called tonight and Brittany wanted to talk to her.  I rarely have seen Brittany leap so leapily. And then I watched her scamper back to Sarah’s room and sit on her bed and chatter on and on and on about the things that have happened here in the mere 9 hours since Sarah left.